Personal Development

What is the price?

Peace of mind is an intentional state of spiritual or psychological calm despite the stress in our environments. Achieving peace is healthy. Lack of peace is stress and tendencies to anxiety which people misunderstand and work towards numbing with unhealthy options but a more proper way to handle would be to understand the cause and what is means which is; the brain is working at optimum, focus on directing the thoughts towards the desired outcomes as opposed to having the many thoughts unstructured. This will lead to attaining peace, associated with bliss, content, and happiness. 

Some people consider inner peace as a state of enlightenment achieved through various practices such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, prayer, and having the right knowledge. Attaining true inner peace leads one to ‘knowing themselves’ from the journey within. Inner peace connects one deeper to spirituality but we struggle to maintain it often due to the daily stressors in our environments. At times; this journey seems too much work hence many shy from it assuming they can attain more easily, for example, using money not knowing this is temporary since it only numbs the current situation but is not lasting as opposed to inner peace achieved through a spiritual journey. 

Recently, I heard someone say the true worth of a healthy relationship is the peace in it. One can have a functional working relationship but if it lacks peace, to my friend, that is a failed relationship. I agree. I think trust is the currency and peace the return. Peace in all aspects of the relationship. Have you ever thought about the value of peace in your life? How much would you pay for peace? What is the value of peace in your life? In contrast to others who do not have peace, does it make you appreciate the peace you have? As human nature, we are wired towards good. Do you ever feel the urge to be the best at the service you provide? if not, I challenge you to. Be the best at what do, act in compassion and watch as you increase the peace in your life and to others. 

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